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CyprusWedding Rules and Requirements

Under the provisions of the Marriage Law Cap. 279
you must apply personally to the marriage
officer at the Town Hall

For either - a date for the marriage
to take place after the lapse of 15 days
from the date of the application of notice
or until the expiration of three months from the date of
the notice.
or in urgent or time sensitive applications,
a special license for implementation after 3 days


You must have

Documents..... legal identification or travel documents, such as passports.  Also be in possession of evidence that you are free to marry, such as confirmation from the competent authority of their country
(i.e. the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.).

In other words you must have a signed, stamped paper saying that you are not already married, and this document bust be new and fresh, no more than 3 months old in our experience. Sometimes you can get it from your Embassy, if they allow you to sign an affidavit and will stamp it for you, but to be on the safe side, find out from them before you come.

All documents regarding legal divorce certificates in cases of divorces, certificates of widowhood, etc, must be dully certified by a competent authority of their country (i.e. the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or an attorney, or a solicitor, or a notary, etc.) as a true and valid document at the period of the application for civil marriage in Cyprus.

So to recap - make sure you have

Certificate of No impediment of Marriage (each country has a different department that can provide this certificate)

Birth Certificates


Decree Absolute, (if you are divorced)

Death Certificate, in the case of widows or widowers.

MARRIAGE OF PERSONS UNDER 18 animrose.gif (3284 bytes)

If either party of the  marriage is under 18 years of age and is not a widow or a widower, he or she needs the written consent of the father, or if he is dead or incapable of consenting, the written consent of the mother. If both are dead or incapable of consenting, then the lawful guardian of such party must give written consent to the Marriage Officer before a Marriage Certificate may be issued.



Standard Marriage 15 days

Notice of marriage 

Certificate of notice

Certified copy of the original Certificate of Marriage
(Issued by the Ministry of Interior)

Ceremony by Municipal Marriage Officer at the Town Hall


Special marriage license
(usually in 3 days)

Ceremony by Municipal Marriage
Officer at the Town Hall

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